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Deadstock Girard 3700 Sunglasses


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Hey, these are all gone, but we have some red-framed ones available here for 50 bucks less.

What's that you say? You've booked a suite at the fucking Plaza Hotel? Then you'd better show up looking sharp. And what better way to do than with a pair of new old stock Girard 3700 sunglasses subtly obscuring your intentions with their tinted aviator lenses...

Good guy? Bad guy? No one will be quite sure what your game is when you're wearing these new old stock sunglasses. As popularized by semi-fictionalized FBI agent Richie DiMaso in David O. Russell's occasionally true masterpiece, American Hustle, these particular frames are the real deal. Made in France circa 1980. Consigned to obscurity in some optician's storeroom for the next few decades, in part, we're guessing, because of the Wayfarers boom that movies like The Blues Brothers and Risky Business sparked in that era. Rediscovered by some guy decades later, who traded them with some other guy, who sold a small quantity to us.

These glasses are in mint condition. They come in their original packaging. When you put them on, you will instantly feel bolder, nobler, and a little reckless. Take heed! The lines between good and evil, truth and deception, and honor and ignominy are always shifting and often hard to spot, even when top-quality 70s-era sunglasses optics are reducing the sun's glare.

So we can't predict what fate awaits you when you don a pair of Girard 3700s. Maybe you'll come out looking like a million bucks. Or maybe you'll feel like you took a soul-scorching trip through a science oven. All we can tell you, with absolute conviction, is that you'll go in looking great. You have to trust us on this one.


  • Designer: Girard France
  • Model 3700 in Gold/Brown
  • Size: 54mm-17mm-140mm
  • Vertical: 50mm
  • Color: gold and brown
  • Material: monel metal
  • Country of origin: France

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