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300-Year Sterling Silver Buckle Belt: Water Buffalo "High Plains Noir" Edition


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The Water Buffalo "High Plains Noir" Edition of our 300-Year Belt is a thick slab of pants-controlling technology. Indeed, if the aesthetic anorexics in the iPhone's design department got their hands on this belt, they'd immediately start trying to slim down its prodigious girth. But that would be a terrible mistake, the kind of thing that happens when you trust Silicon Valley dilettantes to make something as complicated as a great belt.

As its name implies, the 300-Year Belt is not something you'll need to upgrade for a sleeker model in, say, 2019. Instead, we take the long view on this belt. When we approached Arizona artist Mary Daughtrey to design a buckle for the original iteration, we told her we wanted something simple and classic — a piece of sterling silver hardware whose good looks and style would still be shining 300 years from now. In an understated way, of course.

Once again, these buckles are hand-stamped with the traditional .925 sterling silver mark. And this time around, we've chosen top grain water buffalo leather for the strap.

Exuding rugged character, incredibly durable, and yet surprisingly soft to the touch — sometimes when we start rhapsodizing about these belts, we're not sure if we're talking about them or Clint Eastwood's face.

But you get the idea. These belts aren't just built to last. They're built to look great, forever. So get one now. Then, in 300 years, get one again. You won't regret it for even a minute.


  • Strap: water buffalo; India
  • Buckle: sterling silver; USA
  • Width: 1 ¼"
  • Made in Minnesota, USA

Sizing Information

Magnificent Bastard belts are true to size. This means, for example, that a size 36 is 36" from the middle hole to the buckle's bar. Measure your favorite belt from the bar to the middle hole and order accordingly.

Care Information

Please note that as with any precious metal, these sterling silver buckles tarnish over time. We consider this a feature, not a bug, as tarnish is nature's way of achieving artful dishevelment. However, we urge moderation in this regard, and advise you rub the buckle with a polishing cloth on occasion.

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