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The Big Earner


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Twenty years ago, we met our friend Joey Golf Bags, which believe it or not is his real name. He told us he made his dough dabbling in real estate, human capital, and housewares. We have no idea what that actually entails, but we do know Joey always carries a broccoli wad thicker than a roll of Dollar Store toilet paper. Which is why we call him The Big Earner. While it's impossible to imagine Joey sitting at a desk in an office somewhere, pretty much every time we see him he's wearing a new tie. Now, he has one more to add to his collection, and we've named it after him. Like all our Fall 2015 Wise Ties, The Big Earner's fabric comes from a mill in Biella, Italy, and is transformed into the tie you see here by our favorite multi-generational tie-making concern in Queens. We have to warn you: Purchasing this tie may put you into a higher tax bracket, so keep your receipts!


  • Fabric: 56% wool, 44% cotton; Italy
  • Interlining: 100% wool; Italy
  • Width: Exactly 3 ⅛" at its widest point
  • Length: Roughly 59"
  • Hand-stitched throughout, including label & loop
  • Made in USA

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