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Cashmerello Easy Shirt


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What would we do without the Swiss? First they invented hot chocolate. Then, their army made war more civilized by designing a pocket knife that doubles as toenail clippers. Then, there's fondue, that ingenious bit of culinary alchemy that somehow makes melted cheese sexy and sophisticated. Thank you, Switzerland!

Another recent contribution to humanity from this tiny cultural superpower? The smooth and luxurious shirting fabric known as "cashmerello." Yes, that would be an excellent name for a pimp. But it's also a highly innovative textile. We're not entirely sure of the process behind it, but think it has something to do with genetically modifying cashmere goats by injecting marshmallow DNA into them. Or maybe it involves combining 15 percent cashmere with 85 percent cotton. We asked a lot of questions, but the answers we got mostly consisted of yodeling, in a heavy French accent, and we're not sure we understood everything correctly.

Anyway. These shirts are made from cashmerello produced by Alumo, a mill in Switzerland. We sent the fabric to our new favorite shirtmaker in Brooklyn and had them make them into shirts. We asked for genuine mother of pearl buttons and thread-shanked button stitching. That makes the buttons perk up like Miley Cyrus's nipples, so they're easy to grab and fasten. In other words, you will be putting on your shirt and looking good in record time. Who says great style has to be hard? Add this shirt to your wardrobe, and discover how easy it is to look great.


  • Fabric: 85% cotton, 15% cashmere; Switzerland
  • Buttons: Mother of pearl; thread-shank stitching
  • Single-button cuffs
  • Made in USA

Fit Information

Magnificent Bastard shirts veer towards a slim fit, but are not slim. Nor are they regular. We've found the ideal middle ground, a shirt that's perfectly fitted for the vaguely athletic man whose version of cross-training incorporates shakers and muddlers as well as kettlebells and speed bags.

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