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300-Year Sterling Silver Buckle Belt: Original Version


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When we came across this nubuck leather in an Italian tannery, it looked so rich and creamy we weren't sure if we should make it into belts or chocolate pudding. After three or four bites, we had our answer: Belts. For a buckle, we decided we needed something really special, something that could go toe to toe with Italian nubuck that Bill Cosby might mistake for dessert. Our solution: these sterling silver buckles made by Arizona artist Mary Daughtrey.

We told her we wanted something simple and classic, a buckle that would have looked good in 1813, and will still look good in 2113. We think she delivered.

The buckle is hand-stamped with the traditional .925 sterling silver mark. The straps are 100 percent Italian nubuck, but apparently the Italians have not yet got around to creating a traditional mark to document this fact. Maybe in 2113. If you are wondering if pants are still going to exist then, the answer's simple: As long as there are belts like these to wear, pants aren't going anywhere. So do your part to ensure the future of pants. Get a 300-Year Belt today.


  • Strap: a 3/16" slab of nubuck; Italy
  • Buckle: sterling silver; USA
  • Width: 1 ⅜"
  • Made in USA

Sizing Information

Magnificent Bastard belts are true to size. This means, for example, that a size 36 is 36" from the middle hole to the buckle's bar. Measure your favorite belt from the bar to the middle hole and order accordingly.

Care Information

These belts have been treated with the finest nubuck conditioner we could find, then gently buffed with a brass brush. To maintain the look of your belt through 2113, we recommend regularly following a similar care regimen.

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