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The Italian Tickler


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Sometimes, people accuse us of being sartorial puritans. Nothing could be further from the truth. We just recognize that lasting style generally derives from restraint. At the end of the day, though, we're hedonists, and one of the modes through which we express our hedonism is texture. The Italian Tickler is certainly not the first tie that doubles as a sex toy (speaking of restraint). But we do think it might lay claim to being the first tie that is nubbed. For her pleasure? That depends on how well you wear it. Like all our Spring 2016 Ties, the Tickler's fabric comes from a mill in Biella, Italy, and is transformed into the tie you see here by our favorite multi-generational tie-making concern in Queens.

PLEASE NOTE: The Tickler is a rarity for us, in that the percentage of its fabric made from non-natural fibers crosses into double digits. According to the fabric scientists we consulted, a higher polyester count would increase the Tickler's abrasion resistance (and thus its durability) while simultaneously enhancing its pleasure-giving capacity. And who are we to argue with fabric scientists and the Wyzenbeek Test?


  • Fabric: 49% cotton, 33% polyester, 18% nylon; Italy
  • Interlining: 100% wool; Italy
  • Width: Exactly 3 ⅛" at its widest point
  • Length: Roughly 59"
  • Signature orange bar tacks
  • Hand-stitched throughout, including label & loop
  • Made in USA

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