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The Giacomo


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It's one of nature's great mysteries: How can two ties, identical in almost all respects, still exhibit distinctly different characters? For guidance and inspiration, we turn to Italy's Tocci Brothers, conjoined twins who earned $1000 a week touring America in the late 1890s. Giovanni, Wikipedia tells us, liked beer. Giacomo liked mineral water. In their honor, we've named our own two Italian twins after them. The Giacomo is slightly more reserved than his brother, in red, dark red, and green plaid. Like all our Spring 2016 Ties, The Giacomo's fabric comes from a mill in Biella, Italy, and is transformed into the tie you see here by our favorite multi-generational tie-making concern in Queens. A note of caution: Never wear the Giovanni and the Giacomo at the same time. When the Tocci Brothers' father first spied his progeny after his wife gave birth, he went mad and spent a month in a lunatic asylum.


  • Fabric: 96% cotton, 3% lycra, 1% nylon; Italy
  • Interlining: 100% wool; Italy
  • Width: Exactly 3 ⅛" at its widest point
  • Length: Roughly 59"
  • Signature orange bar tacks
  • Hand-stitched throughout, including label & loop
  • Made in USA

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