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Secret Agent Belt


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If Godzilla needed a NATO strap to go with his O&W Kartargo, he could use our new Secret Agent Belt. That's right, what you see before you may look like the watch strap James Bond wore in Goldfinger, with its Blu-ray-confirmed pattern of black, olive green, and red stripes. But we decided to utilize this iconic color scheme in a completely new way.

Finding a manufacturer who would make us a nylon belt with the sort of hardware we wanted turned into a global quest — apparently D-rings have monopolized the market for closure mechanisms in the nylon belt world. But eventually we found a company in China that agreed to prototype some new stainless steel buckles and keepers for us. And now we can proudly announce our latest product, The Secret Agent Belt, a dashing and durable item that is guaranteed to bring a touch of international intrigue and cinematic style to your waist. Unless you're an unusually punctual giant radioactive lizard. Then you can wear it on your wrist.


  • Strap: Nylon
  • Buckle: Stainless Steel
  • Width: 1 ⅜"
  • Concealed in handsome semi-automatic packaging
  • From China With Love

Sizing Information

Magnificent Bastard belts are true to size. This means, for example, that a size 36 is 36" from the middle hole to the buckle's bar. Measure your favorite belt from the bar to the middle hole and order accordingly.

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