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Salaryman's Escapade


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It's been many years since we've had a job that involved regular hours and regular paychecks. But occasionally we still have flashbacks. The long hours reading back issues of Sports Illustrated cover to cover in the breakroom. Free donuts on Fridays. Health insurance.

In the end, the daily rigors of office life were too much for us to bear. But we're sure glad the world is filled with millions and millions of industrious, reliable, and generally productive salarymen. If everyone sat around for months on end doing little more than inventing esoteric new art forms like tieku, the world would collapse. Someone has to populate the spreadsheets and PowerPoint templates that keep post-industrial capitalism moving.

That someone is the salaryman, and this boldly patterned tie, made from Japanese fabric purchased from The Hillside, is our colorful salute to this crucial piston in the engine of commerce. Like its two brethren in our Tieku Series 1, it features an original tieku on its keeper. Check out this pic to see what we mean.

Finally, if you're a salaryman, we invite you to wear this tie proudly. If you're not a salaryman, wear it in solidarity. With the appropriate neckwear, we all live in harmony.


  • Fabric: 100% linen; Japan
  • Interlining: 100% wool; Italy
  • Keeper: Tieku
  • Width: Exactly 3 ⅛" at its widest point
  • Length: Roughly 59"
  • Hand-stitched throughout, including label & loop
  • Made in USA

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