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Game-Day Belt


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Never miss a game but still content to leave the body paint and giant foam finger to others? We think we've got just the thing to help you express your understated fanaticism. Our new Game-Day Belt all but shouts "football!" — but not in sloppy, spit-flecked way that breathalyzers can detect at 20 paces. It issues more of a Lombardi-like bark — passionate, yes, but crisp and in control.

The strap is made from Horween "Tanned in Tack" leather — the same stuff the NFL uses to make its footballs.

The buckle resembles a football, but we have it made out of metal, in Italy, to cut down on the chances of Tom Brady deflating it.

The overall result is such a handsome balance of color, shape, and texture there is no way you are only going to wear this belt one day a week. Thank God for Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and the college season too.


  • Strap: Horween "Tanned in Tack" official NFL football leather; vegetable tanned lining
  • Buckle: Nickel, Italy
  • Width: 1 ½"
  • Made in Minnesota, USA

Sizing Information

Magnificent Bastard belts are true to size. This means, for example, that a size 36 is 36" from the middle hole to the buckle's bar. Measure your favorite belt from the bar to the middle hole and order accordingly.

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