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Emperor's Tourniquet


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Thanks to our Amazon Prime accounts, we've been watching a lot of Rome these days. And marveling at the devastating impact relaxed dress codes had in that era. In episode after episode, soldiers charge into battle. Swords separate limbs from torsos. Blood gushes forth. And slowly the empire crumbles.

What if some of those soldiers had been wearing ties? And then used those ties as tourniquets when the inevitable arm-pruning started? We'd probably be speaking Latin right now.

Okay, that's enough military history — we've got some ties to sell. This one we call the Emperor's Tourniquet. We got the fabric from The Hillside, and they got it from Japan, and that inspired us to invent a new art form we call tieku, which is essentially a fortune cookie fortune, written in haiku format, about ties, expressed on the very tie itself in the form of its keeper. If you're having trouble grasping this concept, check this pic. That's a tieku.

Tieku is a tricky art form to master — but after months of self-directed apprenticeship we have become skilled craftsmen in this discipline. And now we'd like to share the fruits of our labor with you. Enjoy.


  • Fabric: 50% cotton, 50% linen; Japan
  • Interlining: 100% wool; Italy
  • Keeper: Tieku
  • Width: Exactly 3 ⅛" at its widest point
  • Length: Roughly 59"
  • Hand-stitched throughout, including label & loop
  • Made in USA

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