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Charge of the Unicorns  Original Oil Painting


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Charge of the Unicorns is a stirring, two-fisted masterpiece painted for us by acclaimed wilderness artist Darrell Bush. This 14" x 10" oil on canvas is a one-of-a-kind original, rarer even than the hellacious beasts it depicts. There are at least two unicorns still left in this universe, but there is only one original Charge of the Unicorns.

Some day, we believe that Charge of the Unicorns will take its rightful place alongside the Rembrandts and Da Vincis in the Louvre. But if you want to be the one who makes that benevolent donation to humanity, you will have to acquire the painting from us first.

To sweeten the deal, we will also throw in a complimentary tie of your choosing, and all the fixings for multiple rounds of Magnificent Bastard cocktails. Indeed, when you take in the vivid hues and electrifying drama of this painting first-hand, you will feel instantly compelled to toast Truth, Beauty, and the boundless majesty and mystery of Mother Nature.


  • Original Size: 14" x 10"
  • Framed Size: 22" x 17"
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Signed by artist Darrell Bush
  • Purchase comes with complementary tie of choice

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