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Deluxe Cedar Tie Locker, A la Carte


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So you don't wear ties but you'd still like a fancy cedar box in which to store your socks, keys, tiny notebooks, etc.? Sorry, we can't help you. Our tie locker is only for ties and the people who wear them. If that's you, and you'd like additional storage for your tie collection, we will gladly sell you a tie locker, a la carte, even though we designed it for our Tieku Set — Series 1.

Note: Our tie locker is designed for ties that are roughly 59" in length and exactly 3⅛" in width at their widest point. For ties spec'd differently, we can't guarantee compatibility. But why on earth would you wear anything wider or narrower? We have tested this extensively and 3⅛" inches wide is exactly the right width, now and forever.

Our tie locker comes courtesy of Kyle Huntoon of Hunt & Noyer, a fourth-generation woodworker based in Detroit. Its laser-engraved sliding top features original artwork by Texas-based artist Blain Hefner. All in all, it's a pretty fancy box, so be prepared to mediate. Your other ties are going to be jealous.


  • Cedar
  • Joined using traditional finger joints
  • Laser-engraved sliding top
  • 12"W x 2¾"H x 9"D
  • Made in Detroit


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