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Complete Tieku Set — Series 1


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Deluxe Cedar Tie Locker + Three Tieku Ties

Ties serve no utilitarian purpose. They exist solely to exude beauty and style. And yet inevitably the world is filled with ugly ties — humanity has a very low batting average. We're not gods; we can't change that fact. All we can do is offer the world a few more beautiful ties.

Like these three specimens in our Complete Tieku Set — Series 1.

When we saw these fabrics for sale at The Hillside a while back, we knew we could turn them into beautiful neckwear. Perfectly proportioned. Hand-stitched in New York, with our signature orange bar tacks and Italian wool interlining. But what could we do to make them even more magnificent? Well, we thought, not enough menswear incorporates poetry, and these fabrics were all made in Japan. So what if we invented a new art form called tieku and included an original poem on each keeper?

We decided to give it a shot. Things turned out so well we now spend a large portion of each day wishing we had three necks, so we could wear these all at once. That's going to take some R&D, so in the meantime, as a sort of compromise, we decided to commission a fine cedar tie locker in which to store these ties.

Our tie locker comes courtesy of Kyle Huntoon of Hunt & Noyer, a fourth-generation woodworker based in Detroit. Its laser-engraved sliding top features original artwork by Texas-based artist Blain Hefner. All in all, it's a pretty fancy box, so be prepared to mediate. Your other ties are going to be jealous.


    • Cedar
    • Joined using traditional finger joints
    • Laser-engraved sliding top
    • 12"W x 2¾"H x 9"D
    • Made in Detroit


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