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A Pretty Nice Rack

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Have you noticed all the "perfect" merchandise hitting the web these days? The "perfect" wallet, the "perfect" shirt, the "perfect" pocket square? Are the planet's copywriters trying too hard? Not trying hard enough? We’ll let you make that call. We're too busy ogling our attempt to bring order to your belts and ties.

Is this the "perfect" rack? Well, it's not attached to an 18-year-old Swedish au pair, so, clearly, no. But let's take a moment to consider what it does have to offer.

The crowning glory of our rack are the antlers from a eight-point buck. Each tine has been treated with a light matte finish to highlight its natural coloring and make it suitable for interfacing with cashmerello, silk, wool gauze, you name it. It's like nature created a free-form closet for you.

Beneath the antlers, a set of eight rotating metal arms provides additional storage capacity. Buy one of everything we sell, and you should still have room to buy one more of everything we sell.

The bushings of our rack's rotating arm assembly are made from oil-impregnated bronze. Its metal legs are bent cold by hand, then blackened with the same patina that is used to blue gun barrels. The wooden trunk is solid white oak, hand-planed to a round profile.

Our rack was created for us in Minnesota, by master furniture maker Peter Sowinski. We're not saying it's perfect. We're not saying it's the greatest rack in the history of the world. It's possible Leonardo Da Vinci produced something we don't know about. He was extremely prolific and prone to misplacing things.

Still, if Leonardo saw our creation, we're pretty sure he'd do a double-take. Then smack himself on the forehead and wonder why he didn't think of making home accessories out of a buck's lethal plumage. What we're saying is, this is a pretty nice rack.

If you want one for yourself, let us know. We will ship it to you in a large, sturdy box.


  • Overall height: 74"
  • Height of rack arms: 58"
  • Rack arm width: 18.5"
  • Antler width: 20"
  • Base width, diagonal: 18"
  • Base width: 13"
  • Base height: 8.5"
  • Made in USA

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