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Adam Smith Cashmere Belt — "Hail to the Victor"


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  • Sold Out! - M (32-34)
  • Sold Out! - L (34-36)
  • Sold Out! - XL (36-38)

Take your age, and subtract five years. That's how long you've been treating your waist like a prisoner in the hull of a Spanish galleon, lashing it tightly, for hours on end, with those thick leather straps the fashion industry euphemistically calls "belts." Belts! We call them "gastrointestinal torture devices." At least when we're asking you to consider something different.

"Like what?" you ask. Like a cozy sweater for your waist. Think about it. There are cashmere socks for when you want to pamper your feet. Cashmere gloves, cashmere hats, cashmere scarves, cashmere sweaters. But is there truly any body part that needs the soft, loving embrace of cashmere more than your long-suffering waist? No. Thus, our latest breakthrough, the cashmere belt.

These belts are soft, yes, but they're sturdy too, because they are made from eight separate strands of cashmere rope stitched together with thread made from mercerized Egyptian cotton. Our belts come in four sizes, and one of these sizes is guaranteed to fit you perfectly — just stab the buckle's prong through the meat of the strap wherever it is most appropriate to do so.

Get out your atlas and take note: The buckle is made in France. The cashmere ropes that comprise the strap come from Scotland. The ropes are sent to Italy, where eight of them are stitched together into a strap. Then, all these components are shipped to New York and assembled into a belt. If Adam Smith were alive today, he'd want one. If you believe in the virtuous power of global commerce, this belt was made for you.


  • Strap: 100% cashmere, made exclusively for Magnificent Bastard
  • Tab: Leather; Italy
  • Width: 1 ⅜"
  • Also available in "Chocolate Sandwich Cookie" colorway
  • Made in USA

Sizing Information

Because this belt has infinite size options, as long as it fits around your waist, it will fit. It's a matter of personal preference as to how much additional strap you want to the left of your bat (as you look down). We like a lot, so this belt is sized accordingly. For example, the model in this picture has a 34" waist and is wearing a Large (36). If you like things a little tidier, like this, then go down one size from your normal belt.

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